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Regulation #gasss_family_cup

1. General
The focus during the #gasss_family_cup here is primarily having fun riding a motorcycle – JUST FOR FUN!!
For the annual ranking of the #gasss_family_cup, all drivers who have registered for the cup by 31.03.2022 by email and have paid the corresponding participation fee will be considered.

2. Registration
For organizational reasons, registration for the #gasss_family_cup must be made by email to by 31.03.2022 at the latest.
A maximum of 50 registered participants.

3. Participation fee
A participation fee of € 250.00 is due for the year 2022 and must be paid by 31.03.2022

4. Approved motorcycles
All motorcycles that are technically perfect are allowed to participate.
There is no tire binding.
The DB limit of the respective racetrack applies.

5. Classes

The #gasss_family_cup has the following classifications:


  • 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, up to 750 ccm
  • 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, up to 800 ccm
  • 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, up to 999 ccm


  • 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, over 750 ccm
  • 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, over 800 ccm
  • 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, over 999 ccm

6. Safety
Driving on the racetrack is only permitted with a full-face helmet, leather suit (if two-piece suit must be connected with a zipper), back protector, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves.

7. Procedure
The #gasss_family_cup is held on the second day of our 3-day events between April and October.

Every registered participant for the #gasss_family_cup is automatically entitled to start the #gasss_family_cup when booking an event. If there are remaining places on the starting line-up for an event, we will allow wild cards, but these are not eligible for points.

The cup is listed in the schedule as #gasss_class and started as an open run, but counted in the 2 classes SSP and SBK. If there are more starters registered for a run than allowed starting positions on the starting grid, the starting field will be determined based on the qualy times.


PLEASE READ IT – On the StUp app !!

Flag signals: IDEM as in the whole event


Events with a flying start:
The starting grid is made in the pit lane based on your starting position. The start takes place behind the instructor, we drive 2 warm-up laps in which there is an absolute no-overtaking rule. At the end of the second warm-up lap, the instructor turns into the pit lane. The endurance is released from the start-finish line, only here overtaking is allowed.

The winner is the one who completed the designated laps in the shortest possible time.

Events with standing start:

The pre-start is made from the pit lane, here we will gather you and send you out together for a sighting lap. At the end of the sighting lap you will be stopped with the red flag on the start and finish straight, you will put the motorcycle on your starting position.
The red flag is slowly leaving the grid, with the green flag you will be sent to the warm-up lap.
At the end of the warm-up you will be stopped with the red flag on the start and finish straight, you will put the motorcycle back on your starting position. The red flag is slowly leaving the grid,
this is the sign to prepare for takeoff. The traffic light turns red, when the traffic light goes out, the start is released.
The winner is the one who is the first to be waved with the black and white checkered flag.

There is a speed limit of 50 km / h in the pit lane

For violations of the regulations, overtaking in the WarmUp-Laps, non-compliance with the flag signals (no overtaking, etc.), exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane, non-compliant driver changes or more motorcycles like 2, we reserve the right to issue a disqualification or a time penalty

If the run is stopped with the red flag for safety reasons, we reserve the right to not restart the run.

8. Results and annual ranking
Each rider receives the following points for the placement achieved:


The winner of the #gasss_family_cup is the driver with the most points. In the event of a tie, the individual results will be used to determine the placement.

ATTENTION: If we do not reach the minimum number of 5 participants/class, this class will not be held.

All ratings for the #gasss_family_cup are published on our homepage in the Results section.

9. Prices
At the end of 2022 we will organize an annual award ceremony in South Tyrol over a weekend. Registration for the cup includes an overnight stay with breakfast from Saturday to Sunday for the award ceremony.

Trophies for the first 5 of the respective category.

Furthermore: various victory prizes – updates will follow

10. Terms and conditions and waiver of liability
The terms and conditions and waivers of liability must be signed on site at each event. Participation in the event or the Cup is not possible without a signed waiver of liability.
These regulations are a separate document and have no influence on the terms and conditions or the waiver of liability by Gasss GmbH or the track provider.

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