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Regulation #gasss_family_crown

1. General
#gasss_family_crown is the annual ranking at #gasss_family.
For the annual ranking, all participants who have participated in at least 3 events will be considered.

2. Registration
There is no need to register for the #gasss_family_crown, every participant automatically takes part.

3. Participation fee
There is no participation fee for the year 2022.

4. Approved motorcycles
All motorcycles that are technically perfect are allowed to participate.
There is no tire binding.
The DB limit of the respective racetrack applies.

5. Classes

There are the following classes in #gasss_family_crown:

  • Up to 600
  • Up to 750
  • Over 750
  • Queens
  • Naked
  • Whitehead

6. Safety
Driving on the racetrack is only permitted with a full-face helmet, leather suit (if two-piece suit must be connected with a zipper), back protector, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves.

7. Procedure
All events between April and October count towards the #gasss_family_crown

8. Results and annual ranking
Each participant receives the following points for the placement achieved:


The annual ranking is updated at the end of the season, taking into account the minimum participation in 3 events. The winner of the #gasss_family_crown is the driver with the most points. In the event of a tie, the individual results will be used to determine the placement.

9. Prices
At the end of 2022 we will organize an annual award ceremony in South Tyrol over a weekend.

Trophies for the first 5 of the respective category.

10. Terms and conditions and waiver of liability
The terms and conditions and waivers of liability must be signed on site at each event. Participation in the event or the Cup is not possible without a signed waiver of liability.
These regulations are a separate document and have no influence on the terms and conditions or the waiver of liability by Gasss GmbH or the track provider.

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