transport service


We know that time today is a very precious, so we offer you to bring your darling on two wheels directly to the track, and you can arrive quite relaxed – without stress. As professionals we know how to deliver your bike and the racing equipment safely and undamaged.

The motorcycle transports are usually carried out directly by Gasss GmbH. However, we reserve the right to cooperate with suitable providers.

Here are some information for you!

Transport price #gasss_service

Starting point of transport:

  • South Tyrol/Italy alternatively on site at our events

Pick up possibilities directly on spot: please get in contact via e-mail or by phone.

The transport price includes:

  • motorcycle with 2 motorcycle stands or 1 central stand
  • two stockable boxes max. 60 x 40 x 40 closed with lid
  • an EMPTY 20 l – petrol can
  • two foldable camping chairs
  • a leather suit

Additional luggage can only be transported if there is enough capacity and is treated as excess baggage and has to be paid for:

  • sports bag                            20,00 €/pc.
  • camping table                     15,00 €/pc.
  • petrol can 20 l                       5,00 €/pc.
  • additional leather suit         5,00 €/pc.
  • additional helmet                 5,00 €/pc.
  • box 60 x 40 x 40                  20,00 €/pc.
  • wheels/tires                         20,00 €/pc.
  • tool trolley                            50,00 €/pc.

Loose items (boots, gloves, power strips, etc.) are not transported. The entire material should be provided with a name tag or sticker to ensure a clear identification.

Transport bookings can be booked in the registration system at the event enrollment, alternatively by e-mail or by phone.

We kindly ask you to book the transport with enough advance.

Check out the trackday events of #gasss and who knows, maybe in the next event you're already one of us.