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If you’ve ever wanted to ride your bike on the racetrack, then this is the place for you. We at Gasss offer you everything that makes the heart of a die-hard motorcycle fan beat faster.

Gasss – stands not only for the best position on the right handlebar or for the depressed right pedal, but since 2019 also for fun, safety and family atmosphere on the best racetracks in Europe .

Our credo is : From racer for racer.

Experience the Ride with #GASSS

Take a look at the trackday events of GASSS and find your favorites!

Pannonia Ring 17.05.-19.05.2024
Pannonia Ring at Whitsun! The race track in the pannonian lowlands – an unmistakable technical layout an...
Brno 24.05.-26.05.2024
Full-Gasss in the Czech Republic with our 2nd #gasss_family_endurance! Brno, anyone who knows this race track ...
Cremona 21.06.-23.06.2024
Hey, off to Cremona! Delicious Italian cuisine and lots of fun with Gasss await you in Lombardy. Free practice...
Experience the most exciting tracks in Europe and enjoy the curves, the ups and downs and much more in the tracks selected by us.