Estoril 02.-04.02.2023

#gasss_family_wintertest2023 – Additional date Estoril in cooperation with Promo Racing Free practice, qualifying and comparison rides Timekeeping and comparison rides are already…

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Rijeka 17.-19.03.2023

Additional date Rijeka in cooperation with GH-Moto (Franky Schoenhofer) Free practice, qualifying and races Timekeeping and races already included in the price!

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Cremona 31.03.-02.04.2023

Special VIP event - season start and kick-off #gasss_family_endurance On to the spring event in Bella Italia - Cremona Circuit - the…

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Pannonia Ring 26.-28.05.2023

Stage 2 - #gasss_family_Endurance The Pannonia Ring enchants with its distinctive technical layout and beautiful Hungarian surroundings. Free practice, qualy, races and…

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Cremona 23.-25.06.2023

Ey, off to the south In the south of Lombardy - delicious Italian cuisine and lots of Gasss. Free practice, qualy and…

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Brno 30.06.-02.07.2023

Gasss in the Czech Republic Brno, the Moto GP circuit par excellence, which has everything a racer's heart desires - there's not…

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Slovakia Ring 07.-09.07.2023

First the Czech Republic, then Slovakia - blow after blow - #gasss_family_endurance The Ring is long, very very long, but also correspondingly…

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Misano 24.-25.07.2023

Summer, sun - Gasss Summer is getting better and better - holidays, beach, sea and ingenious combinations of corners - that's Misano…

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Rijeka 28.-30.07.2023

Summer holiday feeling with tradition Rijeka and delicious food in the paddock - that's the first thought - the incomparable grip comes…

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Pannonia Ring 04.-06.08.2023

Hungary we will be back! The race track with endless training opportunities and an extremely familiar paddock feeling - #gasss_family. Free practice,…

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